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Choosing Door Locks: What to consider

Security is priceless. Whether it’s your home or office, keeping people, assets and important information safe is a top priority. For many, the first step is access control. This places the focus firmly on door locks and how effective they are at keeping intruders out. • Technology and increased innovation mean more options than ever before. • Knowing what to look for is vital before you take the plunge and purchase. • The choice between traditional and modern options is a big one. As the global leader in door opening solutions, we’ve compiled a guide to choosing new door locks. Here’s what to consider.

CLIQ® Connect access control helps you cut fuel costs and eliminate wasted energy

London, April 2019 – Making business more sustainable is a growing challenge for us all — and made even tougher for any business with dispersed sites or a mobile workforce. Mileage mounts up when workers return to base to collect keys or update their access rights. Car and van use eat into budgets and produce harmful carbon emissions. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Facts you didn’t know about locks

Locks are part of our everyday lives. Without them, the world would be a far more frightening place. If you consider how many locks you’ve encountered today, you’d see just how important they are in our daily lives. From padlocks on gates to the ones we use to keep our trailers and assets safe, locks give us peace of mind. Although we’ve become immune to their brilliance, there are several things to appreciate about locks. This is so much so, that there are a few interesting facts that could surprise you. Here are the fascinating facts that surround locks.

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