Burglar-proof your sliding doors

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Sliding doors are a beautiful way to bring light into your home or office and create the appearance of open spaces. They’re also particularly effective where a traditional swing door isn’t an option.

As a result, they’re a popular choice for many residential and commercial properties. Unfortunately, they can also prove to be a risk if they aren’t properly secured with effective measures.

It might seem difficult to secure sliding doors without compromising on their aesthetic appearance, but there are a few ways that this can be done. We’re taking a closer look at the below.


1)    Add an additional lock

The standard locks that come with sliding and folding doors are often sub-standard. If you can, we suggest asking your door manufacturer to put in a secure locking mechanism.

A secure lock would be one which is operated by cylinder, this make it very difficult to pick the lock as well as getting duplicate keys near impossible.

Another form of a secure lock would be one which has an “anti-lift” pin. The lock has a pint attached to the lock, when the sliding door is locked, the pin secures into the frame not allowing the door to be lifted off the tracked.

 For concertina / folding stacking sliding doors, it’s recommended to install flush bolts on the door leaf which folds out to secure the door. This adds to the security of the door and does not allow the door to be manipulated in any way.

At ASSA ABLOY, we have a few solutions that could significantly improve the security of your doors. These are versatile and incredibly easy to fit and use. To view them, click here.

Or alternatively contact one of our sales representatives who can assist you with further information.


2)    Install some window film

Without window film on your sliding door system, there’s a risk that your doors could be smashed in order to gain access to your premises. A simple way to prevent this is by calling in a professional to install some window film. There are some films that can be applied yourself but where safety is concerned, we always suggest trusting the experts who do it best. These films make the glass shatter proof and hold every shard of glass in place. This means that although an intruder may smash the glass, the film will hold the glass and stop the criminal from getting through.


3)    Have an alarm system

Many people choose to install alarm sensors on their sliders so that these areas aren’t left vulnerable. As an additional precaution, having alarm beams on your perimeter can prevent opportunistic thieves from getting close enough to actually break the glass of your doors. CCTV cameras can also add an extra deterrent as the visibility of the cameras will discourage any theft due to the evidence being recorded. Should your alarm be triggered by an intruder attempting to tamper with the sliding door, the alarm will sound and the security company will be alerted immediately.


4)    Place additional sliding door patio bolts

Most times if you have a sliding door already in place it can be difficult to replace your existing lock with a new secure lock. In these instances its best to place a patio bolt.

This item can be easily fitted to any sliding door either on the floor, side frame or even top frame.

The patio door bolt is a key operated pin which secures into the sliding door. The pin is pushed and locks securing the door. This does not allow the door to be pulled open with force as well prevents the sliding door from being lifted off its tracks.

The patio door bolts also come in “keyed-alike”, this means you only need one key to operate the bolts and no need to have a bunch of keys and trying to figure out which key goes where.


Stay safe with help from the experts

At ASSA ABLOY, our knowledge of doors and their mechanisms has made us the trusted professionals in the realm of locks and access systems. It’s why many retail and commercial entities rely on us to give them true security and peace of mind. During this festive season, we recommend installing as many measures as possible to lessen your risk throughout this period.

Thanks to affiliations with brands like Yale, Union, Mul-T-Lock, Henderson, Traka, Abloy, Valli&Valli, HID and Tesa our range is a vast and all-encompassing one. If you have any door or security requirements or if you have a question for us, why not get in touch with us today? Please browse our catalogue of products