Discover the benefits of automated door closers.

Installing a door closer provides you with a variety of benefits. These include additional fire and smoke protection and entrance security. The question is - what type of door closer best suits your needs?

Installing a door closer provides you with a variety of benefits. These include entrance security, energy saving and additional fire and smoke protection. The question is – what type of door closer best suits your needs?  

Enjoy the benefits of a fitted door closer at home.

What is a door closer?

A door closer is a mechanical hydraulic device that closes a door. They come in a variety of styles to suit both your functional and aesthetic preferences. Options include. Rack and pinion door closers, floorsprings (door closer concealed in the floor) and industrial door closers.

Why do I need a door closer?

Building regulations require door closers to be installed on fire doors, ensuring they close correctly after entry /exit or close a door in the event of an emergency. However, there are many other benefits for at-home or in-office door closers: 

Not seeing any benefits being explained on this?

Fire doors are required to be closed at all times in the event of an emergency. Door closers ensure automatic closure and safety compliance. 

  • The device’s features offer controlled closing. Controlled closing is especially beneficial for heavy industrial doors. Consider people in wheelchairs, small children or someone who might have their hands full. Controlled closing prevents slamming and injury and allows people to move through at their own pace.
  • Door closers also prevent doors from being opened too quickly, most notably in windy locations where the door may be pushed opened or slammed closed due to the enviroment. This also prevents injuries and door damage.
  • Door closers ensure that the door will close automatically behind a person entering or exiting. This provides an extra measure of entrance security where access control is used.

These devices can be fitted onto a multitude of different doors including:

  • Access controlled doors fitted with maglocksGlass doors
  • Wooden doors
  • Entrance pivot doors
  • Industrial doors
  • Fire rated doors

Door closers work on a variety of different door types.  

What type of door closer should I get?

With an 80 year heritage in the door-control industry, ASSA ABLOY offers an extensive range of door closers. The range has been expertly developed to provide functional benefits as well as a sleek and modern look. Our aim is to provide premium devices that won’t interfere with your interior aesthetic.

Consider your individual needs when choosing the right style. What is their purpose, where will they be fitted and what design will suit your space?


Cam-Motion® Door Closers

These door closers are mounted directly onto the door or frame. Cam-Motion® automatically closes the door while also ensuring that the door is light and easy to open.

Rack & Pinion Door Closer

Rack and pinion technology provide easy access and automatic closing solutions, using linking arms and a guide rail. These easy-to-install devices are further enhanced by their stylish design.

Floor Springs

Floor spring door closers are fitted into the floor for a more discreet finish. Our range also offers Cam-Motion® technology. 


ASSA ABLOY Door Closers are ideal for most structures and can be fitted externally and internally. These devices can be used for public, residential and commercial buildings as well as light or heavy doors. We’ve developed this range with architects and specifiers in mind - ensuring building compliance and safety can still look stylish.

Pop a mail to if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our range.